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You wouldn’t think to operate your vehicle for over a year without having it serviced, yet many Tradespeople who rely on power tools to help them earn their living, don’t think to have their tools regularily checked out and have all the wear & tear issues addressed BEFORE a major break down occurs. Like all precison machinery, your HiKOKI power tools require maintenance in order to remain in top condition, and keep them protected from the harshness of modern workshops and construction or outdoor environments.

Your local HiKOKI Service Agent can discuss with you a maintenance plan suited to your particular environment, application, and frequency of work, but essentially your power tool should be inspected for carbon brush wear (if applicable), bearing wear or contamination, gearbox grease changes, contamination by dust, grit, water, or solvents, as well as electrical and mechanical safety checks. Like any machinery, regular attention to maintenance issues goes a long way towards preventing major component failures and frustrating down time on site.

Power Tools in particular often operate in harsh, dusty environments, and arborne dust is likely to be drawn inside the tool as the cooling fan cools down the tools’s internal components. That dust then collects around various components inside the tool, and if allowed to build up, can obstruct airflow, its abrasive nature will wear away at moving parts and contaminate grease filled bearings and gearboxes, and if electrically conductive, even short out the electrical components inside. Damage caused by contamination of this sort or lack of maintenance is not covered by a power tools’ warranty, and can result in frustrating unneccessary repair costs.

Outdoor Power Equipment, Chainsaws, Line Trimmers etc. also need regular attention to maintenance and cleaning. Dirt, sawdust, and grass build up can block air ducts, air filters, linkages, clutches and oil lubrication points leading to engine overheating or component damage. Operating tools with worn or blunt chains or cutters, or loose fittings is dangerous and puts unnecessary load and strain on the tools. Ensure that you fully understand the regular maintenance requirements of each tool and follow these requirements to ensure that you maximise the productivity and life of your tools.

Your local HiKOKI Service Agent can be found on our website, or alternatively you can book your tool in online with the HiKOKI National Service Centre.

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