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HiKOKI 1st BIRTHDAY PROMOTION – Terms and Conditions


  1. Any promotional claim is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. A claim cannot be made in conjunction with any other current HiKOKI Power Tool promotional offer, this includes; any free item offer, bonus item offer, free bundle offer or redemption offer.
  3. Offer is only open to New Zealand residents who purchased from an authorised HiKOKI New Zealand Re-seller. Reseller employees are not eligible to make a claim.
  4. Promotion starts Tuesday 1st October 2019 and ends Saturday 30th November 2019. Final date for receipt of the Claim Form and PROOF OF PURCHASE is 15th December 2019.
  5. HITACHI Models do not qualify for this redemption offer
  6. HiKOKI Custom Kits do not qualify for this redemption offer
  7. To make a claim: a. Claimants must purchase one of the qualifying HiKOKI Power Tool Kit stated in section (8) or purchase one of the qualifying HiKOKI 36V Bare Tools stated in section (9) of these terms and conditions and from any participating authorised HiKOKI Re-seller. b. Complete this online form. c. PROOF OF PURCHASE is essential to validate a claim and you must attach a COPY of your purchase receipt with this claim form. (Goods must be on one receipt to be eligible)
  8. Offer is only valid to the below qualifying HiKOKI kit models only and bonus claimed via online redemption form within the qualifying promotional period.
    1. TSK36A1, TSK36A2, TSK36A3, TSK36A4 qualifies for a bonus UC18YTSL(H0Z) Multi Port Rapid Smart Charger.
    2. C3610DRA(HAZ), C3607DRA(HAZ) qualifies for a bonus ET36A(H0Z) AC Power Adaptor
    3. DV36DA(GGZ), DS36DA(GGZ), WH36DB(GGZ) qualifies for a bonus RB18DSL 18V Blower Bare Tool
    4. NR1890DBCL(GKZ), NR1890DBCL(GXZ), NT1865DBAL(GXZ), NT1865DBSL(GXZ) qualifies for a bonus BSL1830C Compact Battery.
    5. C3607DA(GVZ), KC36DBDL(GKZ), KC36GWL(GKZ), KC36DGBL(GKZ), KC36DRGL(GKZ), KC36DPL(GKZ), KC36DRBL(GKZ), KC18DBDL(GBZ) qualifies for a bonus BSL36A18 Multi Volt Battery
    6. DH36DMA(GAZ), DH36DPD(GGZ), CR36DA(GGZ), G3613DB(GRZ), WR36DA(GRZ) qualifies for a bonus GEARWRENH 33” Indexing Pry Bar
    7. WR36DB(GRZ) qualify for a bonus GEARWRENCH 12PC Impact Socket Set.
    8. KCMVKBX, KCMVKB qualifies for a bonus HITACHI 36V 21Ah Battery Backpack
  9. Bonus Crescent Maverick Tape Measure is only valid to the below qualifying HiKOKI 36V bare tool models only and bonus claimed via online redemption form within the qualifying promotional period.
    1. RP3608DA(G4Z), C3610DRA(H4Z), C3607DRA(H4Z), C366DA(G4Z), C3607DA(G4Z), CG36DA(G4Z), CG36DTA(G4Z), CH3656DA(G4Z, CR36DA(G4Z), CS3630DA(G4Z), DH36DMA(G4Z), DV36DA(G4Z), G3613DB(G4Z), RB36DA(G4Z), WH36DB(G4Z), WR36DA(G4Z), WR36DB(G4Z) qualified for a bonus CRESCENT Maverick Tape Measure
  10. Receipt must clearly show model of tool(s) purchased, the date of purchase, place of purchase, and the price that was paid to substantiate the claim.
  11. Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of the Bonus item.
  12. HiKOKI New Zealand reserves the right to verify the validity of these claims and reserves the right to disqualify any claimant for tampering with the claim process or for submitting a claim which is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  13. Purchases of second hand or parallel imported product are not supported by HiKOKI New Zealand and are expressly excluded from this promotion.
  14. HiKOKI New Zealand accepts no responsibility for claims not properly completed or received. Claims that are illegible, incomplete, or received after the closing date are declared void.
  15. HiKOKI New Zealand reserves the right to substitute the free bonus item for a gift of equivalent value, at its discretion in the event of happenings beyond its control. The free bonus item is not exchangeable nor transferable nor redeemable for cash.
  16. Must provide a physical NZ delivery address, no PO. Boxes
  17. HiKOKI NZ reserves the right to request further information regarding proof of purchase from the redeemer if circumstances warrant
  18. An alternative bonus may be provided at the discretion of HiKOKI NZ.