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The Power of HiKOKI’s innovative new Multi Volt battery technology delivers a whole new range of options for clean up and maintenance around the yard. With a massive amount of power packed into a single Multi Volt battery, the new range of HIKOKI Outdoor Power Equipment delivers petrol powered performance, without the hassle and frustration of dealing with mixing fuel, hot, loud engines, and exhaust fumes.

Available as a suite of Bare Tools, the Outdoor Power Range can be added to your existing HiKOKI Cordless Power Tool Kit, or powered up separately using a range of Multi Volt Battery and charger options.

Easy to use HiKOKI tools include:

  • Compact and powerful Chainsaw with toolless chain adjuster and LED light to assist with precison cutting
  • High Speed 560mm Hedge Trimmer to tackle the wildest hedges
  • Line Trimmers – featuring ultra quiet 36V Disc Motors mounted at ground level, meaning no drive shafts and gearboxes to consume energy unneccessarily
  • High Powered Brushless Blower for the ultimate path & driveway cleanup. With Turbo Mode and its highly efficient brushless motor this unit provides more ‘blow’ than most petrol powered units

If you’ve been looking for an easier way to clean up around the house this spring, do it with HiKOKI.