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16mm 800W Fibre Cement Snapper Shears


Capable of slicing through up to 16mm thick medium density fibre cement board, the Snapper Shear is the fast, low-dust solution for your fibre cement cutting requirements. As well as impressive straight line performance, the Snapper Shear will also cut accurate notches, gentle curves, and clean internal corners with ease. The Snapper Shear’s unique blade design allows blades to be reversed when the cutting edge is worn out, extending the life of the blades. When the second cutting surface wears out, the blades can be swapped side for side, and then finally reversed again — extending the life of one set of blades three times.

Product Info

Product Specs

Power Input790W
No Load Speed0 - 600/min
Overall Length370mm
Weight 3.5kg
Standard Accessories Carry case


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