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18V Gasless 90mm Framing Nailer Kit


HiKOKI’s renowned Gasless Nailer technology provides unprecedented power and low running costs. Discover a new world of driving performance and reliability that will increase your productivity across a wide range of timber nailing applications.

Unbelievable power and performance, supplied with new technology Multi Volt batteries. For high volume, production use, consider HiKOKI’s Pneumatic solutions for faster production with minimal wear & tear maintenance requirements. Check out NR90AD(H1Z) and NV65AF3(H1Z)

Product Info

Product Specs

Driving TypeAir Drive
Nail Length50mm - 90mm
Nail Type30 - 34° Degree D-Head Only
Depth AdjustmentTool-less
Loading Capacity47 nails
Firing ModeFull sequential
Amp hours3.0
Standard Accessories2 Batteries (BSL1830C), 32min Rapid Charger, Safety glasses, Carry Case


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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews for 18V Gasless 90mm Framing Nailer Kit

  1. Grahame Ellis

    Great tool works really well on both 90mm and 50mm nails.
    I use Eko nails and have had no issues.
    Always pays to keep the much out of the tool and keep it cleans have had it nearly 2 years and not had any issues.

  2. Sam

    Good bye gas. Best nail gun out there, next to no maintenance, money saver,extremely powerful sinking nails into any timber.

  3. Avid Construct

    So much power, so reliable. You can’t beat this nailer.

  4. Andrew

    So grunt, without the hassle of gas. Highly recommended

  5. Brendon

    Great gun most powerful cordless gun on the market but you need to buy 2 of them because they keep breaking down their customers service is an absolute joke my gun has been sent away to be fixed 4 times in the past 6 months and they still can’t fix it and won’t replace it even though they can’t fix it.i highly recommend waiting for the Milwaukee to be released

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