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18V Blower Vacuum Kit Bare Tool


A compact and lightweight unit that can be used in a variety of cleaning and inflation applications.

Supplied with a range of additional vacuum and blowing nozzles, as well as dust bag. An essential tool to have on site.

Product Info

Product Specs

Air Volume 0 - 2.2m3/min
Air Pressure 0 - 3.9kPa
No-load Speed 0 - 15,000/min
Overall Length505mm
Weight 1.6kg
Standard Accessories Short nozzle
Long nozzle
Dust bag
Flexible hose and adapter
Crevice nozzle
Concentrator nozzle


Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews for 18V Blower Vacuum Kit Bare Tool

  1. Eva

    I dont know how I did it before having this site blower. It is not only great for blowing things out from under the bottomplates and off the dwangs, but it also sucks! I used it for sucking out holes I drilled before sinking the bolts into the holes and it made my job so muich easier!

  2. WILLY

    awesome blower for the tool box
    its perfect for blowing all the saw dust off tools before you put the away clearing debris away from the workspace
    on ideal for camping to blow up the air bed and also can reverse to suck the air out when its time to pack up

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