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We’ve launched one of our most exciting and innovative products yet, Multi Volt – this new state of the art battery system has already got the rumour mill going Power Tool markets around the world – “how can it provide so much power?”, “has HIKOKI really made such a major leap ahead of other power tool brands?”. The Multi Volt system will revolutionise the way people use cordless tools and genuinely help end users get through their busy workload, with better results.


When you need high power delivered to your cordless tools – Multi Volt goes above and beyond. This 36V battery system operates efficiently as it decreases the dangerous effects of high current, enabling the end user to get superior performance without the damaging effects of high temperatures and extreme current.

HiKOKI’s new range of 36V High Powered tools take full advantage of the maximum power available from these state-of-the-art High Output batteries. Operating at a higher 36 Volts instead of the conventional 18, all this power is harnessed with half the current draw (Amps), which means the heat is reduced, there’s limited stress on the battery cells, and it diminishes electrical inefficiencies; therefore, dramatically increasing the durability of the tool, all the while powering through more work than you’ve ever been able to do with a cordless tool.


The Multi Volt system is for tradespeople wanting unbeatable power, offering up to 1440 watts of power from a battery pack that is still practical enough to use with most compact 18V tools. And at the heart of it all are the state-of-the-art 21700 Lithium Ion Cells – a revolutionary step forward in cordless tool technology, offering significantly more power output per cell and exceeding traditional corded tool performance. Developed for the leading Electric Vehicle manufacturers who have similar desires for greater power and efficiency taking up the smallest possible space, this superior innovation has solved the problem of over loading and over heating, as it produces high power without the unsafe high current. And with HiKOKI it’s compatible, the Multi Volt system will power the next generation of HiKOKI 36V cordless tools as well as your existing HiKOKI and Hitachi 18V gear.

Multi Volt comes in two forms – the 1080W High Power battery pack built from latest Gen 18650 cells, and the 1440W Super High Power battery pack utlising Next Gen 21700 cells. The 1440W battery is slightly larger than conventional premium Hitachi batteries, but with over 2 1/2 times the power output of a 6.0Ah 18V battery the trade off is more than acceptable. The core benefit of the Multi Volt system is that it can automatically switch from 18V to 36V depending on the tool it’s fitted to – making it two batteries in one.

Both Multi Volt batteries recharge from the same legendary UC18YSL3 Rapid Smart Charger (or any other Hitachi/HiKOKI 18V slide type charger) – ensuring that the batteries are fully protected during the charging process and can provide up to and amazing 1500 re-charges. Using the Rapid Smart Charger the 1080W battery charges in just 32 minutes, while the Super High Powered 1440W battery charges in 52 minutes.

The performance of the Multi Volt system is outstanding, as an example, this graph below shows the continuous tightening of M24 high tensile bolts operated on a run 5 seconds, rest 10 seconds basis.

We’ve used the HiKOKI WR36DA 3/4 ” 36V Impact Wrench (1100 Nm rated) VS a Competitors High Torque 3/4 18V Impact Wrench (1050 Nm rated).

Both Impact Wrenches’ used have suitable torque rating, and is not the focus of this test. The massive difference is the effect of the higher voltage being produced by the HiKOKI model.

Right from the start, the conventional 18V tool heats up as the high current required for the task takes its toll. The excessive heat is inefficient, burning up valuable battery life, by the time the second battery is fitted the Over Temperature Protection kicks in to prevent serious damage to the competitor’s tool. The 36V HiKOKI model powers on at a low temperature easily outperforming its adversary – a clear advantage when using the HiKOKI wrench.


The Multi Volt system offers you high performance, durability, and speed – powering your cordless tools at low temperatures while delivering much higher power than ever before. Multi Volt easily outperforms any cordless platform that stubbornly sticks to 18 Volts, it is the platform for the future, and is overall a safer battery to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The Super High Powered BSL36B18 1440W battery is best used on HiKOKI or Hitachi 18 and 36V Brushless tools, where the power output can be safely managed by the tool’s Electronic Controller. Be careful when using on conventional 18V brushed motor tools – as the battery has the ability to supply much more more power under heavy load than the tool was designed to handle, potentially causing overload or burnout.

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