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We’re proud to introduce the new company name for our Japanese Principal – Koki Holdings Ltd. And, with great excitement, we’re thrilled to announce that from October 2018, our brand name “HITACHI” has become a new brand known as “HiKOKI”.

The President of Koki Holdings Ltd, Mr Osama Maehara, speaks fondly of this strategic maneuver and says “We have fully committed to accelerate growth alongside a dynamic new business partner as we pursue our goal to become a global leader in power tools and life-science instruments.”

HiKOKI’s new partner, KKR,  has offered everything we need so we can move forward faster and be more competitive; therefore, allowing us to progress our science to a keen precision which will lead to more opportunities for innovation and new product development. This exciting move means there will be a more attentive style leadership for HiKOKI power tool solutions, and a focus on expansion.

This new stage of development is an occasion to reflect upon our prestigious 70-year history. The HiKOKI name was established to convey the company’s 3 core pillars in which our success stems from: highly innovative technology – high reliability, and strong business growth. The new corporate name, Koki Holdings Co – Ltd, has emerged to maintain a consistency with the name change, making sure the corporate name is recognisable; thus, reflecting the multiple brands it encompasses around the world.

The first of these pillars – highly innovative technology – is the foundation which inspires us in everything we create and deliver for our customers. Our industry-leading technological prowess has been cultivated over the decades. We currently hold over 2,500 patented technologies, many of which have earned prestigious awards around the world.

High reliability is our company’s second pillar. Over the past 70 years, we are proud to have delivered products which consistently meet the needs of our customers and partners at the point of purchase and over time. We have achieved this by providing globally recognized ‘Japanese-quality’ as well as diligent service, all in pursuit of customer satisfaction and convenience.

The third pillar supporting the company is strong business growth. We have gained a robust partner in KKR, one of the world’s preeminent private equity firms. Partnering with KKR has enabled us to become more aggressive than ever, not only in Japan but also in the global market. We are deepening our organizational and business diversity, as well as expanding our operations through Merger and Aquisition activities. This is a fundamental driver of our ongoing determination to generate solid growth. Aiming to build closer relationships with our customers; accordingly, this will create a more focused leadership approach given to our power tools, making the HiKOKI tools more competitive as we’ll constantly be on the pulse of innovative manufacturing – making the best tools and delivering the best service. This new partnership with KKR, also gives Koki Holdings the freedom to work on new tooling solutions that couldn’t have been explored previously; consequently, giving HiKOKI the ability to lead the power tool market on a global scale.

During the 70 years since our establishment in 1948, we share great pride in the history and reputation of this company and we guarantee that everyone who works, partners and purchases from Koki Holdings feels fortunate for having done so. We seek to further our great reputation and for people to have a deep sense of pride in every interaction with our company – whether as an employee, business partner or end customer. Our employees around the world will welcome change, we will embrace different cultures, and we will all adopt perspectives different from those of the past. And through it all, we will come together as one to bring about future change. This is the promise we are making.

Koki Holdings originated in Japan and has conscientiously pursued the path of innovative manufacturing. We will continue to engage the principles and procedures that have built this company’s great history – as we pursue reliability, innovative technology and strong business strategy to grow into a truly global company.