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HiKOKI’s AHB models are Hard-CORE – literally.

Built like no other, these Extreme Duty models are the toughest tools on site –
the solid AHB Alloy Core of the tool’s body providing unprecedented durability and performance.

HiKOKI’s unique Aluminium Housing Body (AHB) design is one component of HiKOKI’s Extreme Duty series – designed to make your tools work harder and last longer.

Extreme Strength – The Tough AHB Alloy Core provides maximum strength and protection for the tool’s body and precision moving parts.

Maximum Heat Dissipation – The AHB Alloy Core sucks heat away from the motor and dissipates it into the air – far more efficiently than a plastic or polycarbonate body.

Maximum Safety – HiKOKI’s unique AHB process coats the inner surface of the Alloy Core with an insulating layer – providing the essential Double Insulation properties and full NZ Electrical Safety Compliance.