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Since 2005 we have been supporting the Onehunga High Construction School by providing and maintaining the power tools required to operate this unique education facility. The school provides students with a  pre-apprenticeship course in Building and Construction. The programme is aimed at Y12 students who are looking to work in the construction / building industry, and most importnatly the course uses significant hands-on construction projects as the focal point of students’ learning.

The Building and Construction school is supported by a number of local and national businesses, and also relies on the generousity of numerous indivuals from within various trades to support the teaching staff and students.

In partnership with the Onehunga One Tree Hill Rotary Club and Habitat for Humanity, students have built a number of houses (one per year) on site at the school’s premises for Habitat for Humanity to then place with worthy families. Other houses have been built on site by the students then sold to private owners for relocating, with the proceeds going to fund the following year’s project.

Students spend blocks of time while at school learning theoretical and practical Building and Construction skills. The course also includes English, Mathematics, and Physical Education. Many students have graduated from the Building & Construction School to then successfully undertake Building Apprenticeships, and go on to full time employment as qualified tradespeople.

Students also compete each year for excellence Awards, with the winning students recieving prizes of HiKOKI Power Tools to assist them in their Trades Careers.