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HiKOKI has the fastest optimum charging system available. With its unique fan-cooling smart charging technology for charging at rapid speeds, HiKOKI’s UC18YSL3 Rapid Charger is not just efficient but also fully compatible. Get the low down on HiKOKI’s Fan-cooled Rapid Smart Charging System.

1. Both Hitachi and HiKOKI’s Rapid Charger charges HiKOKI’s 36V Multi Volt batteries and both Hitachi and HiKOKI’s 18V batteries.
2. The Fan-cooled Rapid Charger will charge HiKOKI and Hitachi batteries safely and efficiently allowing batteries to achieve industry leading battery life (up to 1500 recharges).
3. The Fan-cooled Rapid Charger has a USB port allowing you to charge devices such as smart phones.
4. The Fan-cooled Rapid Charger has cutting edge 3 way protection technology that prevents the battery from overcharging or overheating.
5. The Rapid Charger has the fastest charging time when charging multiple batteries – no need to wait between batteries.
6. The Rapid Charger is compatible with generators
7. The Rapid Charger has a large LED Status Light – so know whats happening from a distance.
8. The Rapid Charger charges the 1080W 36V Multi Volt battery in 32 mins, and the Super High Power 1440W Battery in just 52 mins.


HiKOKI’s Fan-cooled Rapid Smart Charging System leads the way with fast and efficient charging for both your Hitachi 18V batteries and HiKOKI’s 36V Multi Volt batteries. Make sure that you have a HiKOKI Rapid Charger in your tool kits today.