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Have you heard about Multi Volt yet? HiKOKI’s Multi Volt battery technology has New Zealand buzzing. People are raving about HiKOKI’s new 36V Multi Volt Power Tools. Get an understanding about the powerful advantages that Multi Volt batteries offer it’s compatibility.


1. Multi Volt batteries are compatible with Hitachi’s 18V Power Tools
2. Multi Volt batteries will power both 18V and 36V HiKOKI Power Tools*
3. There are two types of Multi Volt batteries currently available. (BSL36A18 and BSL36B18)
4. Multi Volt batteries are high powered battery packs offering either 1080W or 1440W of high power output
5. Multi Volt batteries have a unique advanced cooling system and when charged on a fan-cooling charger you can get up to 1,500 recharges
6. 18V Batteries are not compatible with HiKOKI’s 36V power tools. Our 36V Tools require 1080W or more of power to operate
7. Your previous 18V Hitachi batteries will power HiKOKI’s 18V range but not the 36V HiKOKI range
8. Our Multi Volt batteries have high capacity and high output 18650 cells or 21700 cells allowing the battery to deliver high power ratings
9. HiKOKI’s Multi Volt batteries all have 3-way multiplex protection system


*Check BSL36B18 specs for a list of compatible models.

HiKOKI’s Multi Volt batteries leads the way with high powered and high-performance power tools. HiKOKI’s specially designed Multi Volt batteries now brings the ability to power larger cordless tools for longer periods of time.